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Papaya anchor for Stellar network

At the moment we support following assets, choose the one you're interested in:


First you must set trustline for asset ${ asset.toUpperCase() } to account: ${ issuers[asset] || issuers['eth'] }

How to Deposit

Submit Stellar account you want to link

Attention! Minimum deposit is ${ min[asset] } ${ asset.toUpperCase() }. Any funds below that are ignored.
Note: You are generating Bitcoin Cash address. Make sure you don't send Bitcoin, it will be lost forever.
Note: Litecoin changed the format of addresses. More info
Unable to send your Litecoins to M-address? Please, convert it first to an address starting with 3
Error occured:
Your Stellar account is linked! You can deposit to

How to Withdraw

Attention! Minimum withdrawal is ${ 2*fee[asset] } ${ asset.toUpperCase() }. Any funds below that are ignored.
Withdrawal fee ${ fee[asset] } ${ asset.toUpperCase() } applies to every transaction

We batch outgoing transactions together and send them out every minute.

We send outgoing transactions out every minute.

Send assets to ${ withdrawalAddress || 'YourAddress' }*${ host } and we will automatically withdraw it to ${ withdrawalAddress || 'YourAddress' }